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About Us


Centre for Children’s Rights (CCR) is a not for profit Non-Governmental child rights based organisation founded in 2012. Our objectives are enshrined in our mission which is to raise awareness of, advocate for and therefore stimulate a strong observance and response mechanism of the rights, duties and other safe practices of children so that children are able to grow, realise their full potential and contribute to the meaningful development of Uganda.

CCR programs are anchored on two models; the Primary Prevention approach and the Transformative theory;
This Primary Prevention approach critically analyses the causative factors linked to child rights violations with the view to addressing them so as mitigate or forestall child rights violations as is the norm today.

For example, our research shows that there is a forward and backward linkage between poverty and child rights abuse. Hence our preventive approach delves into poverty and examines such a phenomenon so that for example rather than build a home for street children that is not self-sustaining, never-ending and therefore costly in the long term, we employ a less costly and more humane approach that investigates the causative factors of street children with the view to stopping this phenomenon.

CCR’s transformative theory is then based on the best economic tools, laws and policies that can be employed to effect the critical socio-economic transformation of the affected people as an end-means of the much-needed empowerment so as to stem child rights violation.
This preventive approach is also best suited since it helps in combating extreme cases of rights violations like child ritual sacrifice, HIV/AIDS infections, aggravated defilements, early pregnancies among others.

However, at CCR, we understand the complexity and magnitude of child rights violations in Uganda and the fact that a single approach to these violations cannot be enough. To this, CCR has incorporated some post-child abuse programs to its strategic approach so that we establish a comprehensive approach to the prevention, protection and promotion of child rights in Uganda.


A society that is conscious of and exalts the rights of children.


To raise awareness of, advocate for and promote the protection  of the rights of children so that children are able to grow to their full potential and contribute to the meaningful development of Uganda.


Justice, social equity, Compassion and accountability.


Protecting the custodians of our future.


CCR currently produces fliers called CHILDVOICE and a few research and opinion publications. However, plans are under way to start producing a quarterly newsletter documenting all child rights violations and other child related activities