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Areas of Work


Our advocacy work is mainly modelled on our primary prevention approach. CCR is progressively establishing itself as one of the leading advocates and campaigners against child rights abuse in Uganda. We advocate for the enactment of laws and the implementation of policies that safeguard and promote the rights of our children. This is achieved through both key multi-stakeholder engagements and a multi-media campaign in the video, audio and print media.


CCR has established a centre and quarterly mobile legal clinics that offer accessible and free legal aid to vulnerable children and women across Uganda.

At CCR, we firmly believe that human rights-based litigation both at individual and Public Interest Litigation level is one of the best approaches to the protection and promotion of children’s rights. This approach also promotes prevention of child rights abuse because of the deterrence effect of the penal law in our Justice system.

Access to Justice remains a privilege of the few in Uganda because most households cannot afford legal services. By providing free legal services both at our centre and through our bi- mobile legal clinics across the country, CCR expands the frontiers of Justice to poor and vulnerable children and women whose rights would otherwise be violated with impunity.


Research and data dissemination is the bedrock of effective policy advocacy and implementation. At CCR we undertake research, compile data reports and disseminate information on child related issues.

CCR’s aim is to create a reliable resource centre on child related issues with horizontal and vertical linkages to the academia and Governance. This linkage is decked in our strategic approach that aims at knowledge generation to engender best approach practices that prevent child rights abuses. This generated data and knowledge is shared locally and globally with our development partners and other stake holders through CCR newsletter called the Child voice, CCR resource centre, the media and other outlets.