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Child Protection Services (CPS)

CCR offers psychosocial support to vulnerable children. We conduct free counselling sessions for both the abused children and their parents or guardians. This is very important in rehabilitating and reintegrating former homeless, street and drug abusing children back to their communities.
More so, counselling is important in reuniting children with their parents in estranged or broken families. This is because the CCR street survey carried out in November 2013 shows that the factors leading to children’s escape from their homes are either parent or child induced.

CCR also publishes a CHILDVOICE newsletter which reports and documents all child abuse related cases. We have established a 24-7 hour Child-hotline desk. This hotline desk receives a constant stream of call-ins on all child abuse cases for legal or psychosocial support and for referrals to other network organisations and the National Child Helpline.