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Justice for All Children Program (JACP):

CCR recently inaugurated a new programme called Justice for All Children Program (JACP). The JACP will extend legal services to the poor and vulnerable members of the community especially women and children whose rights are violated.

The objective of this programme is to enhance access to justice for the most vulnerable members of society as both a deterrent mechanism but also to ensure that the end of social justice for the vulnerable people and the protection of fundamental rights are achieved. CCR has a number of lawyers in its ranks but also works closely with a network of organisations promoting and generating interest in Public Interest Litigation and Pro bono services in Uganda.

Under JACP CCR also undertakes research, documents and assists in reporting to the relevant state authorities all cases of child rights violation. Through these publications, we make follow ups and progress reports to ensure that there is fairness, progress and total justice for the victims of child rights violations. This is part of our Litigation-based advocacy.